Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

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Clear Genius® Water Pitcher Filtration System with 1-Reusable Cartridge and one 1-Filter Pod® Refill

Keep the Cartridge, Replace the Pod®

  • Water Pitcher Capacity: 6 cups
  • NO PRESOAKING required. CONTAMINANT REDUCTION: Chlorine (Taste and odor), Zinc (Metallic taste), Copper, Mercury, Cadmium.
  • NO FILTER FALLOUT – filter cartridge will stay in place down to the last drop. Substantial NSF approved O-Ring forms high quality seal, eliminates “filter fallout” and prevents leaking.
  • CONTENTS: 1- Clear Genius® Water Pitcher, 1- Clear Genius® Reusable Cartridge and 1- Filter Pod® Refill. The Filter Pod® filters 40 gallons of water – the equivalent of 300 (16.9 oz.) containers of bottled water. Made with BPA-free materials.
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Clear Genius® Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

WHY CLEAR GENIUS®? Clear Genius is a reusable water filtration system that fits Brita®* and Clear Genius water pitchers. Clear Genius reusable cartridges drastically reduce the waste created by discarding disposable plastic filters. Clear Genius provides those who currently use Brita* and Clear Genius water pitchers a better way to filter water, allowing you to achieve a more environmentally conscious and cost effective result.

HOW IT WORKS. Clear Genius water filtration system turns tap water into healthy, great tasting drinking water. Tap water is filtered through a blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resin, all contained within a non-woven shell which also serves as a filtration element to prevent black flecks.

One Clear Genius® Filter Pod® Refill:

  • Reduces harmful contaminants without removing minerals your body needs
  • Provides a more eco-friendly way to enjoy great tasting water
  • Reduces environmental waste by removing the need to discard approximately 6-12 plastic filter cartridges per year (based upon average household daily consumption of 0.5 gallons per person) as is typically the case with other leading brands

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Weight 28.75 oz
Dimensions 10.38 × 9.88 × 5 in

3 reviews for Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

  1. J. Bhadra

    A bargain , great product, excellent service.
    Glad to have a very effective filter with less waste and far less cost.

  2. LaraG

    Goodbye, Brita! I love the concept of this brand: less plastic, less waste. The pitcher is well made and easy to clean. I love that the lid stays on when I pour – my last Brita did not. Great product line.

  3. 5 out of 5

    F Carr (verified owner)

    Saving the World

    From a bunch of plastic filter housings.

    Already you are helping the world by filtering your own water, with the Clear Genius replaceable filter system, you can add one more notch to this by reusing the filter housing.

    You can buy small batches of filter packs as you need them or go for a box of a few more.

    Does it work? Yes it does great. This pitcher is 6 quarts, so a bit smaller than a few other purifying pitchers, but it is a great size to fit in a crowded fridge. So I am very happy about that. I don’t have to adjust a shelf, & it doesn’t “weigh a ton” to lift out.

    If you’re looking to try out a water purifying system, this would be the one to use right off. If you already have a pitcher, get the filter housing & replaceable filters & use those. You may not save a large amount of money, but you will decrease the amount of plastic added to the world, & that’s probably one of the reasons you are so great.

    The reason I purchased this system was for many reasons. I wanted to reduce the filter housing plastic clog in the landfill.
    I was also looking for an alternate filter source, & I wanted to see if an idea of mine would work. This idea being to filter some home brewed beer to reduce the floaties.
    I am happy to say that all three ideas work great with this system!

    I put the housing & (clean) filter into my larger Pur filter for water, & it works just fine. A little slower than the the original, but it does empty out the reservoir each time.

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