Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

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Clear Genius® Water Pitcher Filtration System with 1-Reusable Cartridge and one 1-Filter Pod® Refill

Keep the Cartridge, Replace the Pod®

  • Water Pitcher Capacity: 6 cups
  • NO PRESOAKING required. CONTAMINANT REDUCTION: Chlorine (Taste and odor), Zinc (Metallic taste), Copper, Mercury, Cadmium.
  • NO FILTER FALLOUT – filter cartridge will stay in place down to the last drop. Substantial NSF approved O-Ring forms high quality seal, eliminates “filter fallout” and prevents leaking.
  • CONTENTS: 1- Clear Genius® Water Pitcher, 1- Clear Genius® Reusable Cartridge and 1- Filter Pod® Refill. The Filter Pod® filters 40 gallons of water – the equivalent of 300 (16.9 oz.) containers of bottled water. Certified by the Water Quality Association. Made with BPA-free materials.
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Clear Genius® Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

WHY CLEAR GENIUS®? Clear Genius is a reusable water filtration system that fits Brita®* and Clear Genius water pitchers. Clear Genius reusable cartridges drastically reduce the waste created by discarding disposable plastic filters. Clear Genius provides those who currently use Brita* and Clear Genius water pitchers a better way to filter water, allowing you to achieve a more environmentally conscious and cost effective result.

HOW IT WORKS. Clear Genius water filtration system turns tap water into healthy, great tasting drinking water. Tap water is filtered through a blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resin, all contained within a non-woven shell which also serves as a filtration element to prevent black flecks.

One Clear Genius® Filter Pod® Refill:

  • Reduces harmful contaminants without removing minerals your body needs
  • Provides a more eco-friendly way to enjoy great tasting water
  • Reduces environmental waste by removing the need to discard approximately 6-12 plastic filter cartridges per year (based upon average household daily consumption of 0.5 gallons per person) as is typically the case with other leading brands

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Weight28.75 oz
Dimensions10.38 x 9.88 x 5 in

2 reviews for Water Pitcher with Reusable Cartridge and Filter Pod® Refill

  1. Goodbye, Brita! I love the concept of this brand: less plastic, less waste. The pitcher is well made and easy to clean. I love that the lid stays on when I pour – my last Brita did not. Great product line.

  2. A bargain , great product, excellent service.
    Glad to have a very effective filter with less waste and far less cost.

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