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Our Hearts Go Out To Texas

After seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we realize there are so many things we can do to help. One of our many passions here is helping people. Whether it is helping someone in our family, community, country or around the world, we all have the compassion to want to help. It seems at times like these, it’s hard to know where to donate, where to volunteer or even what exactly to do. At times it can feel like we are only one person, and wonder how we can make a difference? But every single penny and minute of volunteer time helps.

Our office is located in St. Louis, and we know firsthand what flooding can do to a family. We know what is needed during these times of crisis. We are from a city of giving; we donate anything and everything. St. Louis is a strong community that comes together to help others. With everything happening in Texas right now, it hits home realizing what is about to change for the people affected. We wanted to make things a little easier for you on how to get involved. There are so many things you can do to help! Check out the list below!

Donate or send diapers to Texas Diaper Bank.
Did you know that diapers are NOT on the list of items supplied by disaster relief organizations? That just seems so crazy, it’s something that is so basic and to not have them would be a rough go of things. Not to mention babies sometimes don’t have a voice to speak for their needs. Donate here.

Donate blood.
Blood banks are anticipating a shortage of blood, and with the anticipated high injury count it is likely going to become an issue. If you want to donate blood, you’ll need to contact your local American Red Cross or local blood banks for more details. Red Cross Blood Donations HERE.

Donate money.
Another great way to help is to donate to Hurricane relief funds and organizations! There are so many great organizations doing such great work and they need our help to help as many people as possible! Just to highlight a few, the “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund” was created by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and managed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Online credit card donations will be assessed a small fee by the credit card companies. Donors have the option of increasing their credit card donations to cover this fee. Wire-transferred cash will also be accepted. Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund HERE.

Another great option to help those four-legged friends we all love is to donate to Austin Pets Alive. They are looking for funding primarily, they have been donated a lot of other items, but with not knowing how long they will have these animals the weeks to come could be a struggle. Donate to Austin Pets Alive HERE.

“Donors Choose” is a way to help teachers get their classrooms back together. Helping teachers get those classrooms together means that these kids are going to have a safe place to try and get back to some normalcy! They have been through a whole lot and they need to know that they are going to be ok and have a place to get that safe feeling back. Donate to “Donor’s Choose” HERE.

We love you Texas and we are here to help!

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