Water Filtration System
with patented Reusable Cartridge

Eco-friendly, patented reusable water filtration system. Fits Brita®*, PUR®* and Clear Genius® water pitchers.

Reusable Cartridge

Keep the Cartridge,
Replace the Pod®

  • Reusable Cartridge
  • Filter Pod® Refill
  • Fits Brita® and Clear Genius®

Clear Genius® Filter Pod® refills fit directly into the Reusable Cartridge. Special O-ring designed to prevent filter “Fallout”.

Filter Pod® Refills

Replaceable Filter
Reduces Waste

  • No Presoaking Required
  • Reduce Contaminants
  • No Black Flecks

Clear Genius® Filter Pod® turns tap water into healthy, great-tasting, drinking water.

Water Pitcher

Clear Genius®
Water Pitcher

  • Exclusive Design
  • 6 Cup Capacity

The Clear Genius® Water Pitcher includes one Reusable Cartridge and one replaceable Filter Pod®.


How To Use

Place NEW Filter Pod® refill into the Clear Genius® reusable cartridge bottom.

Firmly push down to seat Clear Genius® Filter Pod® refill into the reusable cartridge bottom.

Attach Clear Genius® reusable cartridge top to the bottom to complete system.

Insert the cartridge into the upper reservoir of the pitcher and push firmly into place.


  • Reduce Waste
  • Drink Healthy, Clean Water
  • Filter Smart

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