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Back To School Means New Beginnings

Ahhh! The smell of fall is right around the corner as we all head back to school! With all the hustle and bustle surrounding back to school time, it can also be a great time to start something new! A new school year means new beginnings not too different from New Year’s Resolutions; Why not make some changes to your routine that will be for the better of everyone?

Step One: School Supply Shopping
With deals for back to school starting in July, it’s always a good time to start making that supply list and plan. On a typical list, you see sandwich bags, lunch box, backpacks, clothes, and of course those sharpened pencils. You’re already doing great by going for the lunch boxes vs. the paper bags we all know aren’t being recycled. But what about those sandwich bags?

By going with reusable items like Tupperware, a lunch box, and reusable snack containers; you’ll be one step ahead of the game! All those single serve plastic items like yogurt cups, plastic utensils, and plastic baggies are going to cause a huge impact on the environment. Why not switch it up to glass Tupperware, reusable sandwich and snack bags or even reusable utensils. That way, you don’t have to worry about kids (or spouses) recycling those items. Simply wipe and store back in their lunch boxes!

Another big ticket back to school item is the water filter. Water filters are wonderful, we know that, but what is not wonderful is that every month too many water filters are discarded (ending up in landfills) because of the difficulty involved in recycling them. Check out the Clear Genius Reusable Water Filter Cartridge and make the change towards plastic waste!

Step Two: The Switch
While switching to the reusable program might seem easy, sometimes it’s about getting into a routine with using those items as opposed to that single use plastic. If this is for a kid, get them involved! Explain to them why you are making the switch and what they can do to help! By letting them be involved with the switch, it will help that new way of not just straight throwing things away. Let them pick out their reusable sandwich and snack bags. Most importantly share with kids how good it feels keeping the planet and environment clean.

Another easy way to reduce single use plastic is to kick the bottled water hap. With so many reusable water bottles in stores, it would be easy to find at least one that is a great fit for you. Once you ditch the bottled water, don’t go straight for the tap! Tap water contains chlorine and other additives the water treatment plants use to disinfect the water. Grab a Clear Genius pitcher or Reusable Filter Cartridge! If you don’t have a filter pitcher, the Clear Genius Pitcher will work perfectly to get started on this journey. If you already have a filter pitcher, grab that Reusable Filter Cartridge and the Filter Pod Refills. This way, you’re able to reduce the plastic even more! Fill up that water bottle and you’re ready to conquer the school day, work day or anything that life throws in your way.

While getting that lunch box packed, maybe allow the kids to decide how they want to roll, with a couple of the reusable bags or opt for the Tupperware. This way they are involved and learning about what is and isn’t recyclable. These are going to be long lasting lessons for kids to carry on throughout their lives. This is going to make a huge impact on the environment in the long run.

If you’re using Tupperware for things like yogurt or applesauce, you might want to use Tupperware similar style containers instead of pouches. They can carry mold in them and you won’t be able to see it unless the package is open. While scooping into that Tupperware might seem like a pain, by doing it in one sitting and having a grab and go section in the fridge will make all the difference.

Step Three: Enjoy!

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