Clear Genius® is a newly designed, water pitcher filter system with a reusable cartridge that takes the place of current water pitcher replacement filter options. Clear Genius®, utilizing a patented two-piece reusable cartridge with replaceable Filter Pod® refills, fits directly into your existing Brita®*, PUR®* or Clear Genius® water pitcher. This innovative product provides a more environmentally conscious and cost effective avenue to filter water at home.

How It Works

Clear Genius® water filtration system turns tap water into healthy, great tasting drinking water. This is done by filtering water through a blend of activated carbon and ion-exchange resin, all contained within a Filter Pod shell made from recyclable mesh filtration fabric to prevent black flecks.

  • Reduces harmful contaminants without removing the minerals your body needs.
  • 1 Clear Genius Filter Pod refill filters 40 gallons of water.
  • Provides a more cost effective way to enjoy great tasting water.

Get The Facts

Clear Genius Eliminates Plastic Water Bottles

5 Billion water bottles are purchased ever year in the U.S. alone.

1 Filter Pod Can Replace 300 Water Bottles

1 Clear Genius Filter Pod refill filters approximately 40 gallons of water – the equivalent of more than 300 standard 16.9 oz. water bottles.

Clear Genius Filter Pods last about two months

One Clear Genius Filter Pod lasts about two months for the average family.

40 Gallons / 2 Months

For best performance and highest water quality, please replace your Clear Genius Filter Pod with Clear Genius refills every 40 Gallons or 2 Months.

Stop throwing away plastic filter shells

How many plastic filter shells are thrown away every year?

Stop Throwing Away Plastic Filter Shells

Clear Genius removes the need to discard approximately 6 to 12 filter shells per year as is typically done with other leading brands.

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Compare with Brita®* and PUR®*

Clear Genius provides those who currently use Brita®*, PUR®* and Clear Genius water pitchers a smart alternative to filter water, allowing you to achieve a more environmentally conscious and cost effective result.

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Clear Genius® Reduces Harmful Contaminants

Clear Genius reduces harmful contaminants with potential negative health effects – as well as Chlorine and Zinc, reducing odor and improving taste.

**Source: U.S. EPA, Office of Water, November 2013


  • Reduce Waste
  • Drink Healthy, Clean Water
  • Filter Smart

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