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Clear Genius® is a newly designed, water pitcher filter system with a reusable cartridge that takes the place of the current water pitcher replacement filter options. Clear Genius®, utilizing a patented two-piece reusable cartridge with replaceable Filter Pod® refills, fits directly into your existing Brita®, PUR® or Clear Genius® water pitcher. This innovative product provides a more environmentally conscious and cost effective avenue to filter water at home.

The story of the Clear Genius® reusable filter cartridge began with a man in a supermarket thinking about his child leaving home.

Roy Mayo’s son was heading off to college. Naturally, Roy wanted to stock him up with all the necessities for life. Among all the food and toiletries, a water filter pitcher was a must so at least he would always have clear, fresh water to drink.

But there was a problem. For all the different choices of water pitchers on the shelf, they all used basically the same system to replace the filter: it seemed every two months a big hunk of plastic would be tossed in the trash.

Roy felt if there were 10 million households in the U.S. filtering water, the translation became 60 million plastic cartridges potentially dumped into the environment every year.

He thought, “What if you didn’t have to throw away the big plastic cartridge? What if you could use the cartridge over and over again and simply refill it when needed? How many tons of plastic could be saved? How much could the impact on wildlife and the oceans be reduced?”

In a world where 36% of the population lives in water stressed regions, where more than 20% of the global GDP is produced in environments where corporate reputations are at risk when competing for water usage, it just didn’t make sense.

He thought, “Water should be at the heart of sustainability”.

Keep the Cartridge. Replace the Pod®

That began Roy’s quest to create the Clear Genius® refillable water filter cartridge. Roy designed it to bring clean, fresh filtered water to you and your family more sustainably than other water pitcher filters. The features include:

  • Quality water filtration using natural coconut-based activated carbon and ion-exchange materials
  • Eliminates the need to discard plastic cartridge every two months
  • Fits Brita®*, PUR®* or Clear Genius® water filter pitchers

Feel Good. Filter Smart.

Every Clear Genius® cartridge used means we can avoid burning the oil and emitting the CO2 needed to manufacture up to 9,000 plastic water bottles and replaces an average of 30 water filter cartridges.

Literally, the usage of one reusable cartridge equates to: saving 360 lbs of plastic1, almost 400 gallons of crude oil and preventing nearly a ton of CO2 emissions.

Our mission is simple: to change the world, one water filter at a time.

1 Assuming 40gm/bottle plus cap, 16.7gm/cartridge, five year working life.
2 See http://phys.org/news/2009-03-energy-bottle.html


  • Reduce Waste
  • Drink Healthy, Clean Water
  • Filter Smart

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