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5 Ways to Start the Holiday Season Off Right with Clear Genius

There are a lot of things to love about December: opportunities for gathering together with family and friends, an early snowfall, beautiful light displays all around the city. But as much as the holiday season can bring great cheer, it’s not always a time for making healthy choices. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 ways Clear Genius can help you make a smart choice this holiday season:

  1. Have clean, great-tasting water available for all your holiday guests. Clear Genius filters out Chlorine, Zinc, Copper, Mercury, and Cadmium, so your water always tastes fresh and pure, never stale or metallic-tasting.
  2. Pledge to celebrate a waste-free holiday. The holiday season is a time for togetherness and cheer, but it also comes with a side of serious environmental consequences. The numbers are sobering:
    • Household waste increases by more than 25% in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • Trash from shopping bags and gift wrap adds up to 4 million tons each year – and the paper used to wrap and decorate consumer products accounts for half of all the paper America consumes.
    • 30 million Christmas trees go to the landfill each year in the United States.
    • More than 2.5 billion Christmas cards are sent each year – enough to fill a football-field-sized hole a hundred feet deep.

Fortunately, knowledge is power when it comes to holiday waste. Make a pledge to use recycled or environmentally-friendly wrapping supplies, send fewer paper holiday cards, and switch to a Clear Genius filter refill – you could prevent 300 bottles of water or a dozen heavy-duty plastic cartridges from going to the landfill each year.

  1. Make Clear Genius your #1 kitchen assistant! All your holiday recipes and drinks will taste better when you start with clean, filtered water.
  2. Start the path to better health now – no need to wait for a New Year’s Resolution. We could all be drinking more water for better health. But when you’re faced with drinking unpleasant tap water or spending a ton of money on bottled water every week, it’s no surprise that most people reach for a can of soda instead. When you can instead choose clean, fresh-tasting Clear Genius filtered water from the convenience of your own refrigerator, getting the eight glasses a day you need is a piece of cake.
  3. Stock up on Clear Genius sets to give as gifts. A starter set with pitcher is the perfect gift for everyone in your life, from your Secret Santa at the office Christmas party to your fitness-crazed cousin to your eco-conscious best friend. Have a couple stashed away in the closet, and you’ll never find yourself empty-handed (or worse, running out to the store at the last minute!) before a holiday event.

From all of us here at the Clear Genius headquarters to all of you, we hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday, and a wonderful New Year!

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